alloy design group

Ward Residence
Seattle, WA
(Queen Anne)

Completed 2011*

3 bedroom, 2.5 bath
3,650sf (w/ 850sf exterior living)

Located on the south side of Queen Anne, the Ward Residence has stunning views of the Seattle skyline, and the Space Needle in particular. On a conceptual level, the house consists of a series of parallel walls that direct one's attention to the views of the city while providing privacy from neighboring homes. Playing off the verticality of the space needle, a stair tower commands the front facade and leads to a roof deck with expansive views. In time the stair tower will support a living wall, four stories tall, of flowering vines. The south facade consists almost entirely of glass in order to maximize views of the city. South facing decks provide an abundance of exterior living while also acting as shading elements to reduce heat gain in the summer months.  

*Completed while working at Pb Elemental.
Mark Haizlip - Designer/ Project Manager
Sean Wilson - General Contractor (Brookwil Inc.)

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